The Kiwi Couple {BEN! and Adalia Update}

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Here are some pictures I haven’t posted, taken the day Adalia and BEN! left for New Zealand. It was obviously an emotional day for all of us. Except BEN! who was simply ecstatic to be taking his new bride home.

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Adalia and BEN! are doing great. They are very busy. BEN!’s boss is in Europe at the moment, so he is running the business. Adalia got a full-time job at a cafe as a way to meet people and get to know her new country. She is in New Zealand on a Working Holiday visa. Once she and BEN! have been living together for a year, she can apply for a Partnership visa and become a permanent resident.


Here is a photo I snagged from Facebook (don’t tell BEN! and Adalia). As you can see they look pretty happy! They have just bought a house and…10444570_712779008769749_8195603887135038379_n

have a cute little puppy named Rascal.

They are loving life together and building their dreams together.

Believe me it takes all of my self-control to not update you with every detail of all four of my adult children’s lives…but that is really their story to tell, not mine.

I will post some wedding photos soon. Adalia wanted to be able to share them first, but I’ll get a blog post together so you can join the fun as well.

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  1. happy for them…but i know as a mom you are sad they are so far away. sending them both many prayers for happiness & blessings.

  2. Lovely update! They look so happy and at least technology means updates are faster these days. Has she thought of doing midwifery training over in New Zealand?

  3. Thanks for the update! I’m sure the adult children appreciate your restraint, but it is their story to tell. Good onya for realizing that.

  4. I understand the self control thing. I’m currently sitting on a HUGE thing that I can’t announce to the world yet. I’ve enjoyed Adalia’s little glimpses into her new life!

  5. Heidi Wilson

    Although I would LOVE to hear the mundane every day details of her new life and her adjustments to her new country – the updates and photos from you will have to suffice! But from what you have posted it looks like she is settling in to life well and they are adjusting to marriage and life together!

    Oh and does BEN! EVER wear shoes???? 😉

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      BEN! literally only wears shoes of they are required (work- he shoes horses and does blacksmithing) and establishments here in the US. He was quite shocked here when he was told to put shoes on in stores and restarants!

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