Birthday Weekend {Ezra and Hezekiah}

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May is a busy family month for us. Ezra and Hezekiah both have birthdays, Chuck and I celebrate our anniversay, and now BEN! and Adalia celebrate theirs.

This weekend we got to celebrate Ezra’s 22nd birthday. He’s grown and changed so much. He has a temporary position at the lumber mill where Boaz works and hopefully it will turn into a permanent job for him. 20140519_1521 blogOldest and youngest brothers. Ezra (22) and Apollo (almost 4)

Hezekiah’s birthday this year fell on the Sunday between the Open House for BEN! and Adalia and their wedding day. Poor kid. Two years ago Chuck and I spent Hezekiah’s birthday in Seattle while Apollo had his g-tube placed. I knew Hezekiah’s birthday celebration would have to be postponed no matter what this year, but also didn’t feel like I could pull off a big birthday bash even a few weeks after the wedding. Thankfully, last year we did his birthday BIG with a Star Wars Themed Party.

This year Hezekiah’s gift from us was a $50 gift card to Toys R Us that I won a few months ago. Unfortunately, the nearest Toys R Us is almost two hours from us. Thankfully, Hezekiah was game for a trip the toy store and lunch out in leu of a birthday party. boys in Toys R Us Hezekiah chose to  take Tucker along and the two of them were like, well, kids in a toy store.20140519_1471 blog It was so much fun to watch Hezekiah analyze his options…he’s such a thinker, that boy.20140519_1465 blog20140519_1479 blog In the end, it was LEGO that won out. Is anyone surprised? It just so happened that the day we were there Toys R Us was having a 25% off sale on LEGO. Score!20140519_1488 blog Hezekiah ended up purchasing LEGO Helicopter Surveillance set and the Hero Factory Dragon Bolt20140519_1499 blogNext we headed to Red Robin for lunch. Neither boy had been there before. I know, they are probably the only 8 and 10 year old American boys who  have never been there.20140519_1500 blog

We had a great time with just the two boys and I know they will have happy memories of this birthday as well.

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  1. My boys haven’t been to Red Robin either. They say, “It doesn’t look very promising,” and “It looks like McDonald’s.” Thank goodness! My wallet is safe!

  2. I think my older kids have been to Red Robin with their grandparents, but my under 10’s haven’t ever been.
    All Duncan wants for his birthday are Legos.

  3. None of my children have been there. We do not have one near by. It looks like a great birthday.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. Judy Small

    You did great, Renee! Low-key and special time with mom is very memorable. Happy birthday to Hezekiah and Ezra!

  5. None of us have been to Red Robin 😉 Is Tuckers shirt on backwards??

    • Haha, it looks like it! I have a chronic backwards-shirt wearer too!

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