Crockpot Peanut Chicken Recipe

crockpot recipe, crockpot chicken, large family recipes, big family recipes, peanut chicken, crockpot peanut chicken, warehouse gourmet, fix feast freeze, freezer recipesThis morning as I was getting ready for church, I once again found myself without a plan for lunch. I knew I had boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the freezer, but wasn’t sure what to do with them. The kids love homemade chicken fingers, but I didn’t want to have to make lunch once we were home…then I had a sudden inspiration. I pulled out my well-worn copy of Fix Freeze Feast (and you should buy the book. It is THE best freezer cooking book I’ve found) and opened it to the Peanut Satay recipe. The satay is a family favorite, but I knew I didn’t have time to pull it off. Instead, I took the peanut sauce recipe (with a few adjustments) and poured it over the frozen chicken breast and turned the crockpot on high.

When I got home, I poured the sauce in a pan with some cornstarch to thicken it. While that thickened, I sliced the cooked breasts. Next, I poured the thickened sauce over the chicken in the crockpot. This turned out AWESOME! So, I present to you:

Crockpot Peanut Chicken


3/4 cup peanut butter

1 cup orange juice

1/3 cup soy sauce

1 teaspoon ground ginger

a couple squirts of Sriracha sauce (or other hot chili sauce)

PlaceĀ 5 frozen chicken breasts in your crockpot.

Pour peanut sauce over chicken breasts and turn on high.

Cook 3-4 hours until chicken is cooked through.

Remove sauce and pour in sauce pan.

Add 1 tablespoon cornstarch and stir over medium heat until thickened.

Meanwhile, slice chicken breasts.

Pour thickened sauce over chicken pieces and serve over rice.

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13 thoughts on “Crockpot Peanut Chicken Recipe

  1. How many do you feed with these proportions? I have ONLY five kids but they ear like truck drivers, down to the little 3 years old, and they love their sauce so I was just wondering if this will feed all 7 of us easily and if the sauce will be enough to go around. In faith, I already bought the peanut butter and chicken pieces: it made me hungry just reading the recipe : ) thanks!

    • Jessica- My kids are big eaters, and this fed 12 of us (Apollo didn’t really eat any). We served it over rice and had a big salad. There was one serving left over. Maybe because we are used to eating rice with sauce over top? We transitioned into eating a lot of meals like this when our kids came home from Liberia. The chicken was chopped fairly small…I’m interested to know how this goes for your family..

    • Thank you for sharing this. I just checked out the recipe, and I *will* be making that. I love barbecue but hate the mess :)

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  3. Hey Renee! I FINALLY made this recipe for my family! I had 5 lbs of chicken thighs so I don’t know how that compares weight wise to frozen chicken breasts. I followed the recipe though and it turned out beautifully well. It did make enough sauce to go around, which had been my main concern. The kids gave it two thumbs up :) Thank you for sharing this super easy dinner :)

    • Thank you for sharing this! I had someone post on Facebook that they had tried this recipe and it was so awful they had to cook something else for dinner:( I was totally confused because I wrote the recipe *exactly* like we make it and we love it. So happy to hear a good review!

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