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Apollo occupies himself with his LeapPad as he waits for a flu shot at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

One thing I’ve learned about being the mom of a large family is, it is impossible to raise my younger children in exactly the same way we’ve raised our older ones. The sheer fact that our home is now filled with teens means my current preschooler (Apollo) is exposed to many things his older siblings never were at age 3.  Add to that the fact that Apollo spends a lot of time either:

a) sitting still while we tubefeed him


b) sitting still because he’s tired.

I resigned myself long ago to the fact that Apollo was going to be exposed to screens much more than his older siblings ever were. Knowing that, I work hard to provide quality screen time for Apollo. Thankfully, in the past 17 years, things have really come along for preschool media choices. The learning on many game is now dynamic….a child works at a concept until he masters it, then the game automatically moves to more difficult material. Instead of rote memory, these games now increase logical thinking.

Recently I had the chance to work with Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos, Child Development and Learning Expert, and ask her specific questions about media and preschoolers. Here is the interview:

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  1. Two shows that my daughter loves and have expanded her communication skills are the Signing Time series and the Little Pim series. She adores them and I will admit that it does give me a moment of sanity for half an hour a day—she is also much more likely to eat if watching TV. I often feel conflicted about that, but it is what it is.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Apollo has Little Pim on his LeapPad! And we have definitely utilized Signing Time!

  2. Call me a Luddite but I still think the sound of the mother’s or father’s voice reading is the best thing in the world … .
    At the drop of a keystroke I would provide a massive list of all my favorite children’s books .. . .

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Melissa, I know you are a frequent reader of my blog, so you know reading is a daily activitiy in our home. No one is suggesting you replace reading with an electronical device.

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