Thank You, Kelle Hampton!

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If you’re a regular reader, you know I’m a fan of Kelle Hampton’s blog, Enjoying the Small Things. She was the photographer who did pictures for Step 2’s Everybody Plays! Campaign. She’s a photographer. She’s a mom. She lives in sunny Florida. What’s not to love?

large family, large family blog, kelle hampton, little earthling photography, bellingham photographerThe post on her blog today is more or less a perfect summation of what has been rolling around my own head this morning and yesterday. If you read Yahoo! News, I am sure you saw Apollo’s picture and the article about our recent TSA experience. Many people were supportive, but many insisted I did something wrong: I didn’t bring a letter from my doctor (tried that last time,they wouldn’t read it), I didn’t call ahead (did that last time, it didn’t help), I should have shipped his formula to our destination (I only took a day’s supply on the plane with me, the rest was checked. I *can’t* travel without food for my 3 year old!), I have too many children and that’s why I missed my flight (huh?), I am personally responsible for global climate change (sorry about that).

large family, large family blog, kelle hampton, TSA g-tube

I know from experience that wide exposure brings criticism. And I’m okay with that in general. You can’t please everyone.

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So go out and celebrate today. Tell someone thank you (and thank YOU, dear friends, for the wonderful “savor” comments yesterday. Each one brought a smile my face). Tell someone you love them. Β Join Happfiy. Have a second cup of coffee.

Celebrate that little Gaelen, who wasn’t supposed to survive his birth, just celebrated his six month birthday.

And if you have a moment, pop by and leave a comment here.

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  1. Your daily blog brightens my day! I don’t remember how or when I started following you but the joy I get from reading about your wonderful family is beyond measure. Your family and especially Apollo are always in my prayers. Thank you for letting the outside world into your lives.

  2. Aunty Tara Bergeron

    You are a tough cookie and I love you and miss you! Come to Calgary. Just once. And drive! πŸ™‚

  3. I started scanning the 3000+ comments on the article…oh man! Some people are STOOPID. I went through SeaTac TSA back in February with formula. They were like, “whatever lady, here’s your formula…OH MY GOSH, SHE’S WEARING A LONG SKIRT! QUICK FEEL HER LEGS UP!” I was like, “My legs? Weapons of mass destruction? Maybe six babies ago…. Nah, wishful thinking.” I was wearing opaque stretch pants under the skirt, so I just flashed the whole line of people. They were like, “You didn’t have to do that.” I was like, “It’s better than having you run your hands up and down my body!”

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for years and I love your family! I am so thankful that you share you life with us – the good and the hard. Thank you for sharing as much with us as you do.

  5. I’ve decided that it’s probably safer for my anxiety level if I quit reading those comments. I learned on our local paper website not to get involved in the comment discussions because there are a lot of trolls out there who just want to be dumb and make people mad. I commented on a few of those ignorant people on the article but decided it’s probably much safer for my anxiety level if I stop reading them. You are a great mom Renee and I think you handled the situation much better than I would have.

    But since, ya know, you’re responsible for global climate change, could you raise the thermostat for this area just a little? I’m freezing! πŸ˜‰

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Jodee, I haven’t read the comments and don’t plan too πŸ™‚

      • Very smart. Most of the annoying ones are written by people who don’t know you or have never read your blog. I would guess their carbon butt-prints are bigger than your entire family’s carbon foot print.

  6. I didn’t know what Happify was, but I just joined it and now I’m addicted!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Florence, I am so happy to hear this! I have been an member of Happify since before it went public (nearly a year now) and love it! Tilly and Adalia, my teen girls, are also members.

  7. I have been a reader of yours for the past couple of years and have followed right along with all of Apollo’s medical adventures. I read about your flying experience before it was on Yahoo’s front page from your blog. The day it hit Yahoo I opened up the computer to check emails and low and behold there was Apollo. I know that the airlines have to be careful but what they put you through was just too much. Hoping you have a great day and everything continues to improve with Apollo’s health.

  8. Rachel Robles

    Forget the haters! I can tell just by reading two blog entries that you’re an awesome mom. Especially when you strive to adopt and give love to even more children. If the world had more people like you it would be a better place!

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