Apollo is Going to San Diego!

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double aortic arch, everybody plays! ,large family, large family blog, tubie, tuble blog, tube fed

Oh man, these boys crack me up. One of the blessings of a large family is to see these sweet relationships develop…double aortic arch, everybody plays! ,large family, large family blog, tubie, tuble blog, tube fed double aortic arch, everybody plays! ,large family, large family blog, tubie, tuble blog, tube fedThey’re pretty scary looking, don’t you think?

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that Apollo and I are heading to San Diego next month so he can model in a photo shoot!

A month or two ago I entered a contest on Facebook on a whim…It was an Everybody Plays! casting call for Infantino and Step 2. I had to write a 300 word essay about “how you teach self-acceptance and the acceptance of others to your family and around your community”. This is something I’ve been making a huge effort to do since Apollo had his g-tube placed in May 2012. He doesn’t look “sick” and he doesn’t look like what you might imagine a tube-fed child looks like. So I started his g-tube blog (which I have since moved over to an easier-to-maintain Facebook page) to educate people and to have Apollo grow up seeing his g-tube as simply the way he eats, not a disability or something to be embarrassed about.

Knowing that if I waited I would likely forget to enter, I just wrote off of the top of my head. I had to include a photo of Apollo, but ironically, couldn’t find one I liked on my computer (because I had moved them over to my external hard drive). So I just grabbed a random photo off of my computer and pressed “enter”.

I forgot about it until several weeks later when Infantino and Step 2 announced their winner. And it was not Apollo. No biggie, I didn’t expect to win. I forgot about it again. Then I got an email that read, in part:

While your submission was not selected for the grand prize trip, it was incredibly inspiring and we would love to invite your children to participate in the Everybody Plays photo shoot on September 25th or 26th with Kelle Hampton.

I wasn’t sure whether to trust the email or not, so I immediately called the number listed…and left a message. While I was waiting for a call back, I forwarded the email to my friend Sarah, to see whether or not she thought it was legit. Turns out she entered as well and got the same email…That didn’t sound very promising…how likely was it that both Apollo and her son Jude had been invited? We wondered if they sent this email out to all of the enterants…Sarah didn’t think so since they were giving each of the recipients a Step 2 Coupe as a thank you gift…A couple of hours later I received a phone call assuring me it was not a scam. I was told that while they could only pick one grand prize winner “there were 19 other kids who we just couldn’t get off of our mind”. Out of 800 entries, Apollo and Jude somehow struck a chord with the judges.

Sarah and I did some quick planning and sleuthing and with our husbands’ full-encouragement, confirmed that the boys would indeed be coming for the shoot.

I am excited on so many levels. The photos will be taken by one of my favorite bloggers, Kelle Hampton from Enjoying the Small Things.  Apollo and Jude will get to model for Step 2 and Infantino (the shots will be used for marketing on the web, packaging and advertising) and I get a fun getaway trip with a good friend!

Sarah and I are already chuckling at the scene we will make…boarding a plane with two-year old Izzy, three-year old tube-fed Apollo and four-year old Jude who has spina bifida and can’t walk without his walker…let’s just say I think it will take us a bit of extra time to board the plane…


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  1. cecily spencer

    How do we send feed back to these two companies telling them how much we appreciate this campaign? I have bought things from companies specifically and only because they use special needs kids in there ads. I would like to see more of it.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      I would imagine you could just go to their website and leave a message. I am sure they have a contact page. Their Facebook pages would be a great way to leave feedback as well. I agree, we need to encourage these companies!

  2. Hello! 🙂 Long time lurker and huge fan of your family! You mentioned Kelle Hampton. I wonder if it’s Kelle of “enjoying the small things” (http://www.kellehampton.com/) – if so, I am extremely jealous and extra excited for you guys. She seems like such a nice person and a pretty amazing blogger.

    I think it’s awesome how well rounded your family is and the genuine way you look at life. Each of your kids always brings a smile to my face when I load up my reader and see a new post. Even though I am well beyond my teenage years, the missionary photos continue to inspire me to want to do something greater and as silly as it sounds I wanted to thank you for raising a family who will better the world rather than pull it down.

    Can’t wait to see the photos and congrats Apollo! (whose name I adore!)

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Yes, it is Kelle Hampton from Enjoying the Small Things! I am excited to meet her and see the photos she takes of Apollo.

      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. We definitely strive to push each child to be the best *they* can be.

  3. So jealous of you meeting Kelle and having her do pictures for you!

    PS: I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out.

  4. That is fantastic! What a great trip for you and Sarah, and your kiddos! Have a wonderful time!

  5. Yay that’s like meeting a Mommy blogger Celebrity! 😉 and also very cool that Apollo will get to be a part of a campaign aimed at having ALL kids feel included! Such a great opportunity! Can’t wait to hear all about it

  6. I was reading this post, and when you said “Kelle Hampton” I thought ‘No way! Not Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things?” Then I saw your reply to another comment. 🙂 I laughed when I found out that it was her. I have been reading both blogs for a very long time. Small world, huh? Er, blog-world? 😀

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