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  1. May the force be with you!!

  2. This is really cute. Just curious, do you have bigger platters you didn’t show or do the kids just get a little of each? I was just wondering be ause my kids would devour this in no time :). Do you do birthday cakes too?

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Well, first off, this was just a snack. The birthday party was from 1-3, so it wasn’t during a mealtime. Yes, we had a homemade ice cream cake as well. Secondly, just my school kids and our party guests enjoyed these snacks. At 4, we had some of the older kids’ friends come over and had Star Wars Party Episode II, where we brought out more of the same snacks, had another pinata and ate dinner (sandwiches and twice baked potatoes).

  3. I think the force is very strong in Apollo!

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