Star Wars Party

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star wars party, star wars food

It just so happens that Hezekiah was born on May the Fourth 2004…given my boys’ penchant for Star Wars these days combined with a May the Fourth that fell on a Saturday…well, lets just say it was easy to come up with theme for Hezekiah’s ninth wars party, star wars food

star wars party, star wars food

We had Jar Jar Drinks (Ginger Ale and lime sherbert).star wars party, star wars food, star wars party ideas

Han Rolos

Peppermint Padawans

Dark Side M&Ms

Princess Leia’s Buns

star wars party, star wars food

Mini Light Sabers and

Qui Gong Jinn (ger snaps) star wars party, star wars food

Storm Trooper wars party, star wars food

Tilly was kind enough to make a Pinata so the boys could destroy the Death Star… star wars party, star wars food

Some of you long time readers might recognize Hilary’s son, Sam. star wars party, star wars food, bazinga shirt, kid's bazinga shirt

Enoch made Hezekiah this Cad Bane mask. An amazing piece of artwork made from cardboard, paint and metal tubing.

Chuck and I got him this Bazinga! shirt…a nod to his academic wars party, star wars food

Hezekiah invited three friends from school and his long time buddy, Sam. The boys played Sith and Jedi (AKA Sharks and Minnows), Follow the Clone Trooper and Destroy the Death Star.

We had he perfect weather for the perfect day. Happy Birthday, Hezekiah!

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  1. You all are so creative. I love the snack ideas and names. My boys would love this!

  2. So fun and clever!

  3. Natalie

    Oh. My. Goodness Renee! You ROCK! Well done on a great party.

  4. I love Tilly’s shirt!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thanks! We bought that for her last spring (and one for Adalia) as a thank you for being so helpful during and after Apollo’s heart surgery.

  5. Way fun! We have alot of Star Wars fans in my family as well, guys and gals.

  6. […] in, May the Fourth Be With You…a Star Wars party is more or less a given. Hezekiah had a Star Wars party two years ago, and was keen to do it all over again; this time with friends from school. First off was the search […]

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