Ladies’ Weekend 2013

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Savoring coffee ice cream while I finished Apollo’s latest sweater…

This last weekend was two days of relaxing refreshment. Five moms, two adorable babies and two nights in a condo by the beach (never mind that it’s January in the Pacific Northwest).

Our weekend was filled with good food, great conversation, knitting. We watched several wonderful DVD’s to encourage us in our Christian faith. Saturday morning we headed out in the brisk, cool winter air to a local yarn shop. Two skeins of Cascade 220 gently called to me. They has since been cast on and are slowly morphing into a bold striped vest for Apollo.011213_9237 blog

Abigail, my therapy baby, was there for the first night and morning. I was present to photography Abigail’s birth just a little over a year ago. I also did her newborn photos…where she holds the record for spraying the most people with poo…

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This was the first time I got to meet six month old Lula. A sweet, sweet baby she is.011213_9243 bw blog 011213_9244 blog 011213_9249 blog 011213_9253 blog

Abigail has this really cool trick where she opens her mouth and her mom puts food in it. Next she swallows the food. No screaming, no crying, no choking. After my struggles with Apollo this seems nothing short of a miracle. 011213_9255 bw blog 011213_9258 blog 011213_9262 blog 011213_9264 blog 011213_9265 blogPlenty o’knitting took place over the weekend. There were needles and yarn all over the place. Just as it should be.

We are already discussing our next getaway…

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  1. This sounds like a great time.

    Note to self… find friends that knit. 😉

  2. This post makes me smile from ear to ear.

  3. How wonderful for you! You so deserve a getaway weekend like this. I hope you had time to relax and unwind just a tiny bit.

  4. Sounds like a blast! Knitting is amazing therapy, I really love it. I have not been doing it long and it is something that I truly enjoy.

  5. *grin*

  6. No fair, I want to meet baby Lula. Brenna has discovered the same trick Abigail has. It never ceases to amaze me.

  7. Good thing you don’t have to know how to knit to go. Although, I am not doing too bad. Except that someone snipped my yarn and I don’t know how to finish. little details…

  8. Erin in FL

    What movies/dvds did you watch? Thanks!

  9. I want to squeeze the fat baby thighs ;). How come those adorable thighs aren’t adorable when you’re an adult?! Haha

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