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I am so excited to share today’s product review with you. I am very, very picky about the products I review on this blog. I only accept offers from products I (or someone in my family) would personally use. When I was contacted by GrooveBook and looked over their app, I was thrilled.

Do you take photos on your phone? Lots of photos? I do. At the moment I have over a thousand on my photostream. I have an iPhone 4s and hands-down, my favorite feature is the eight megapixel camera (more than my first digital camera had!). The eight megapixels means I’m able to take quality photos that print well. Photos I can share with friends, family and add to our scrapbooks.

The problem is, it’s often a pain to get them off of my camera. I don’t do it nearly often enough. Then I have huge backlog…Enter: The GrooveBook.
Groove Book App Review 

So here’s the deal. GrooveBook is an app for iPhones (an Android version coming soon). You sign up for a subscription with GrooveBook and once a month they send you a photo book (40-100 pages) of photos from your phone. The photo book comes in a groovy little box (much like the simple, but elegant Apple packaging).

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The best part? The pages are perforated so you can keep this book in your purse or bag and hand grandma those photos when you see her. The photos can be kept “brag book” style, or shared and put in scrapbooks (as I plan to do). 010313_8944 blog{I’m sure it’s obvious at this point, but these photos were in a sample book I reviewed, not photos taken on my phone. I haven’t received the book from my phone yet, but I can’t wait!}

You choose the photos that get printed and in what quantity. Unfortunately, at this point GrooveBook does not ship to Canada.

So what’s the cost? The app is free and you pay $2.99 a month for your photobook. As simple as that.

Just curious, how do you manage your phone photos? How many of you actually print them?

{I was provided with a sample of Groove Book in exchange for giving an honest review. All opinions are my own}


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  1. Rory Anderson

    Hi Renee. Not sure if you remember me, but we ran into each other a couple times when Treasury of Memories was an actual “store” in Cordata (way back when). You also were kind enough to give me your 2 huge blue cooking pots a few years back….for which we LOVE them and use them practically everyday…Thanks again.
    So i am uploading my pics to Groove Book as I type! This looks like an amazing app! I am mostly a digital scrapper now, but like to have some of my favorite photos on had to make mini projects or give to family. Like you, I am a HUGE Apple fan. I love my iPhone! So i thought i would send you a “review/recommedation” of my own. You may already have this product, not sure, but have you ever considered an Olloclip Lens for your iphone? I had been wanting one for quite some time, but was not impressed with the $70 price tag. I took a gamble on a knockoff product and it paid off thru Amazon and it paid off. I love it! I also take most of my everyday pics on my iphone (the Cannon is too big to lug around all day), so with a little forethought, i clip this lens onto my phone and click away! It has 3 options….macro, wide angle, and fisheye (which i know you like).
    So here are the links to the original product and the knockoff (took about 10 days to receive thru Amazon). Enjoy!!



    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Yes, I remember you! By the way, if you use the promo code: “BAKERSDOZEN” you’ll get your first Groove Book free! Thanks for links. I’ve never used Olloclip, but many of my photographer friends use them.

      • Rory Anderson

        Hi Renee! Me again. I just wanted to update on my own family’s GrooveBook. We got it in the mail yesterday and are completely in LOVE!
        We have this funny tradition of stapling photos all over the walls going down our stairs to the boys’ bedrooms. It was getting pretty expensive to print a few at a time from my home printer, but now its a heck of alot cheaper and alot more fun! The family is having a blast picking and stapling! And the quality of the photo paper is thinner than normal processing, but for us scrapbookers and wall staplers, its perfect! Probably one of the coolest app out there!!! Thanks for the review!

        • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

          Yay! I just ordered my book today. I think I’ll try the staple trick…

    • Is there any way it can be shipped to canadians or is there an app similar to this

  2. Ah, photo management. Made even more difficult by the fact that my computer won’t stay on for more than 10 minutes at a time. I use a two-pronged method.

    The first step was getting an Eye-fi memory card for my Cannon DSLR. Over our wi-fi, it automatically downloads all my pictures to my Ipad, whenever both units are turned on. I have no idea how much the card cost; it was a birthday gift from my husband. That streamlines my photos to one location. My phone and Ipad share a photostream, so all my photos are on the Ipad.

    The second step was signing up at Google+ and downloading the Google+ app. Whenever I start up the Google+ app, it automatically uploads ALL my photos from my Ipad. Google+ marks all the photos as private and sorts them by date taken. Using Google+, I sort, delete, and transfer photos to other websites for editing. (Admittedly, when I edit photos, I still end up using my husband’s computer. There’s only so much you can do with an Ipad.)

    I don’t think I’d like the Groove Book, personally. My 3 year old has a tendency to “borrow” my phone and LOVES to take pictures… of her feet, or sometimes her thumb, or the dog’s tail. And when she uses the Ipad, she mostly takes pictures of the back of the case. I’d hate to receive a photobook with 89 photos of my daughter’s thumbs, feet, and 10 more of black space, even if that photobook had a few hundred other, actually usable photos.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      That sounds great! I have often dreamed of wireless photo downloading. When I come in from a professional shoot, I always wish my photos would just download to my computer…I am diligent about my camera photos. My phone ones, not so much. Thanks for sharing your method!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Paige- I’m pretty sure you can manually select the photos to be printed!

  3. Amy White

    hmmmm interesting! this would be great for a traditional scrapper! does $2.99/mo. include shipping, and how thick were the pages or paper they’re printed on? Im gonna check out the website. Thanks for the review!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Amy- from what I understand it includes everything. The photos are on glossy paper a bit thinner than traditional photos.

  4. Aunty Tara Bergeron

    Not available in Canada! Boohoo. I was going to get it. Oh well hopefully in the future. Looks super cool

  5. Looking forward to seeing what your actual pictures are like! Please do a follow up when you receive it. This is a very neat idea!

  6. Never heard of this – totally going to do it – never print photos anymore – love the camera on my 4s as well!

  7. I never print. Keep waiting till my pics are organised. Last year I started using Aperture to organise pics (& do some editing). I love it. So I’m better now about organising phone pics. When I sync my iPhone, I MAKE myself sort the pics into the appropriate folders. For me the top level is “general” (photos of books I want to buy, or craft projects or ideas etc), “Aust” (see below, but day to day stuff), & “trips”. Then within Aust, I sort by year, then have a series of projects (like folders) of main events in chronological order, with a misc one. And “trips” has a project per big OS trip I’ve taken. I’ve never used keywords with pics, and I really should. The only problem with Aperture is how much RAM it takes. I think they said 2G minimum but I found you need at least 4 or its soooooo slow. Or if they say 4, then you need 8. i cant remember.

  8. looks great! but US only – bummer 🙁

  9. Hi there! I’ve been using Groove Book for almost a year, maybe. At least 8 months. It is so cool! And super easy. Print quality is good, paper is thin, the book it comes in is super cute. And you can manually select which pictures to print. I love Groove Book. And at the 2.99/ 100 pictures, what a steal! What a great idea!!

  10. Come to Canada groove book!! Is there a Candian version of anything like groove boom in canada?

  11. Such a bummer it’s not available in canada I was so excited to get it 🙁

  12. Kevin and Mark help them take their business into Canada we will love you forever!

  13. Come to Canada groove book please

  14. I love my groovebook! One thing I want to add that I live about it is that very picture has the date the picture was taken printed discreetly on the side. I love that!

  15. Charlotte

    Beware, groovebook doesn’t work well on android app and they will charge you even if you can’t use their service due to their technical issues. Customer service is also very poor. It was a shame, i was really looking forward to getting several books a month for myself and grandparents 🙁 I would never do business with a company that takes your money and doesn’t deliver as promised.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thanks for this comment. I know the android app is relatively new (it didn’t exist yet when I did my review). I am sorry to hear that you have had trouble with Groovebook.

  16. Shellie

    I saw Groove Book on Shark Tank and with a new grand baby knew this was the answer for me! I ordered my first book and 3 additional copies for an additional $2.99 each. That was on April 29th and I still have not received it. The company said they had been mailed on May 14th. That is a crazy long time for a product in this day and age. I’m not a fan…maybe the photo book with be absolutely fantastic but so far I’m not impressed.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Sorry to hear this Shellie! I love the ease of Groove Book (not having to think) and the low price.

  17. Hi,
    I was wondering if there is any sort of a contract when you sign up or if it is just month by month if you use it. Also, can you change where the books are sent each month or do they have to go to just one address all the time. Can’t wait to try it but I don’t want any crazy contract.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Trish- No contract. They will continue to send you the book and charge you every month, but you can quit at any time. You are not obligated to keep getting it. As far as the address, I am guessing that you could just go into your settings and change the shipping address.

  18. Artis Ciccarella

    I am having a problem I am using my smart phone and I have no luck in getting the 100 photos.they ether tell me I already have an account. I do with shutterfly buI never used my smart phone. and would love to be able to get pictures this way. Please let me know what is wrong. Artis Ciccarella I have tryed 2 times and my phone is smoking !!!!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      That is a bummer. I have used Groove Book with no problems. I hope you are able to get it figured out.

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