Swapping Out a G-Tube

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{A special thank you to Tilly for taking photos of the actual g-tube swap! Oh, and she was using my fisheye, because it’s a wide angle lens so expect a bit of distortion.}

121712_8434 blog

Having a g-tube, it seems, is a process. Apollo had his g-tube surgically placed May 4th, 2012. He had the original PEG tube replaced with a mic-key September 17th, 2012. And yesterday Apollo had an appointment so I could learn to swap out his g-tube, something that will be done every three months from now on.121712_8433-3 blog

 Do you have any idea how much time we have spent by this sign, between the pulmonary and GI clinics? A lot.

Apollo was hi-lar-ious yesterday.

While we were waiting to see the doctor, Tilly was showing Apollo pictures out of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie Diary. When the doctor walked in, Apollo ran over to him and yelled, “Look, it’s a naked guy!” and showed him a picture (of a man laying in a swimsuit on a lawn chair). Needless to say, the doctor and nurse laughed and Apollo shrieked with delight. That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the visit. It was so nice to have a pleasant doctor’s visit. 121712_8440 blog

Here Dr. F is pulling out the package with the new g-tube and explaining the process to me. Thankfully, I had watched several YouTube videos (with Apollo) so I was confident I would have no trouble. Apollo was, of course, a little nervous.

121712_8442 blog

Dr. F is getting ready to lay Apollo down on his back. 

121712_8443 blog

Apollo is reaching out for Enoch to hold his hand. 

121712_8444 blog

 I love how Apollo is eyeing the doctor so skeptically here.

121712_8455 blog

And it’s all done!121712_8456 blog

Giving Enoch a knuckle punch after we were all done.

It didn’t even hurt!” he said.

121712_8467 blog

121712_8463 blog

And afterward we took the time go to the hospital play room and hang out for a bit.

I swapped out Apollo’s g-tube.

Cause I rock like that.


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  1. You are awesome! You do rock! You go girl!

  2. Yay for a pain free visit to the hospital for your little guy! And yay to Mom for rocking this new task!

  3. Whoop! Go you! I’m so glad to hear that Apollo had a “pleasant” doctors visit. How therapeutic to have something done in an office without it hurting!

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