Fisheye Lens on the Beach

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Enoch, 12

We headed  to the beach yesterday morning, intent on showing our New Zealander friends our aquatic getaway. I did a bit of deliberating over which lens to take. I never take  multiple lenses to the beach because I don’t want to be switching them out and risk getting sand inside my camera. I was reaching for my 85 mm, but at the last-minute decided to grab my new 15 mm 2.8 Fisheye.

I am so glad I did. There is something about the fisheye lens that adds and extra *pop* and makes the photos look almost 3D.

Enoch, swimming to the  dock after his jump off the pier. 

This was Ben’s very first jump off the pier. He did a flip. In his jeans. Into freezing cold water. Then kept saying, “I’m keen to jump some more”.

After watching his siblings make a few jumps, Apollo said, “I jump off the dock now, Mama?” I said no. After all, the water was awfully cold. So Enoch let him dangle his feet in a bit.

Adalia, 16


Judah, 15

Judah, 15

Today we’ll have a bit of a quiet day at home, hitting the books. My parents are taking Ben and Adalia down to go hot air ballooning. The rest of us will study at home, until I pick the little kids at school early and drive them out to play practice. Then, tonight is their first performance. I can’t wait!


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  1. These pictures are incredible! And what beautiful cool, clear sunlight. You can almost smell it.

  2. What a fun jumping spot. I miss the beach!

  3. These are great pictures! It is nice that you have friends from somewhere different, such a good cultural experience for the kids to have such amazing visitors.

  4. wow..what cool pics. you must be “International Travelers” have friends all
    Did Adalia know Ben well from a visit? Or did they hit it off as friends. That last post they looked like Buddies in the pic you took. They seem to be cozy:)

    Hot air ballooning? She is way more adventurous than I am:) They look so beautiful. I have often almost booked a ride and than decided it would be awful to put my husband through my drama over the “unknown floating in the hot air balloon thing”. I hope she takes pics and you post some!

    Wish my daughter was about 16 yrs older:) For the gentleman you were offering up before!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Adalia met Ben on her missions trip to Honduras. They were on the same team. Yes, they are quite fond of each other! Ben has also been skydiving and bungee jumping. His adventurist spirit knows no bounds!

      • They did seem very cozy in the last post, very sweet. I hope they had fun in the hot air balloon.

        • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

          Hot air balloon was cancelled due to weather. They will try again this week.

  5. I’m loving the fisheye lense!

  6. Aaron Stevens

    Yes I love that fish eye lense they look so cool 🙂 I wish I could’ve stayed longer, and had some time to jump off, it looked like fun 🙂 thanks all, I missed y’all as I was driving away, but I can’t wait till the next time I can come over and visit 🙂

  7. Emily from NZ

    That looks like fun!

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