More Fun with Ben and Aaron

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Yesterday morning we headed out to do some photos after the little kids got on the bus. I had an appointment later that morning, so we had to work quickly.

Adalia and Tilly in their natural state.

Adalia and Tilly posing for the camera.

And since Aaron thought is was a bit presumptuous that I offered him up yesterday, I’ll refrain from mentioning that he’s twenty-four and single. I’ll just say that he’s a photographer too and I plan to snatch and post his photos soon. He’ll forgive my indiscretion since I let him use my Canon 5D and 50 mm 1.2 lens. And I’m pretty sure he drooled on it.

This is the post they chose when I told them to “go all High School musical” on me. Not bad for a bunch of homschoolers…

And then Adalia suggested some jumping photos…and who can resist those?

Ben was nice enough to add some comic relief by falling off the log. Thanks, Ben.

When we headed into town, I dropped all eight off at the library where they returned our books then walked over to an ice cream parlor, with Apollo in a stroller. When I went to pick them up after my appointment, they weren’t finished having fun, so they did a little shopping while Apollo and I headed home. Apollo fell asleep in the van, so I was able to work on a few photos in complete silence.

The kids’ school is doing a Missoula Children’s Theater play this weekend, and all five of my school kids auditioned and got parts. They are so excited, but it makes for a hectic week. All five have practices after school, usually with different pick up times. Yesterday, I had to pick up Tucker while the other four continued to practice. We drove into town and picked up Adalia, Judah, Tilly, Enoch, Ben and Aaron at a Starbucks, then headed home for dinner.

Today, it’s off to the beach. Tomorrow, thankfully, I’ll get a bit of a rest as my parents drive Adalia and Ben down to Seattle to go hot air ballooning, while the rest of us have a quiet day of homeschooling.

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  1. What play are they doing this year? I miss MCT 🙁 My oldest did it every single year and even got to go to their camp in Montana 2 years in a row! She loooooved it!!!

  2. Aaron Stevens

    Haha Renee don’t worry I don’t mind you being presumptuous, but yes I was envying the camera 😉 I can’t wait to be able to afford one 🙂 and you can post the photos that I took too 😀 Lol

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