Amniotic Band Syndrome {Hand Surgery}

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Mordecai was born missing several of his fingers and toes due to amniotic band syndrome. It’s not something I mention very often simply because it really doesn’t affect our daily lives. Mordecai has already had surgery on his hand twice: first when he was  a year and a half old, and once again about a year later. The first surgery removed a band that was still attached and cut into space between Mordecai’s thumb and index finger, to give him more range of motion. The second surgery widened that space even more.

Hand affected by amniotic band syndrome

Hand affected by amniotic band syndrome.

This is what Mordecai’s hand looked like pre-surgery on Friday morning. You can see his thumb is still somewhat tucked under his hand and he has an odd-shaped nail on his middle finger. The tip of Mordecai’s middle finger bends over and the nail causes him pain as it grows. Yesterday’s surgery was to amputate the tip of the middle finger and do a nail ablation so the fingernail will be gone once and for all.

Waiting for surgery for hand affected by amniotic band syndrome.

Mordecai was tired and nervous. We had to leave the house at 6 am and Mordecai normally sleeps until eight or later.

Waiting for surgery for amniotic band syndrome.

Here Mordecai is nervous, drugged and tired. He actually dozed off before the nurse came to take him back. When she asked his full name he could barely even answer her and he couldn’t tell her his birthday.

It’s strange, every time I’ve had a child have surgery up here in Bellingham, they give them medicine to calm and relax them before surgery. Down at Seattle Children’s they haven’t done that…we just have to wait around with a screaming miserable baby…

Waiting to be taken back for surgery (amniotic band syndrome)

Mordecai was taken back at about 7:35 and done at 8:30. I was taken back into the recovery room to see him at 9:00.

Awake after surgery (amniotic band syndrome)

When Mordecai awoke from surgery he was in a lot of pain- from his IV! Once he was able to drink some apple juice and keep it down they removed it and he was much happier.

Awake after surgery (amniotic band syndrome)

Well, as happy as you can be after you awake from a general anesthesia post-surgery.

Home and resting after amniotic band syndrome surgery

Mordecai spent the rest of the day watching movies (doctor’s orders to lay low) and eating snacks.

I haven’t seen his hand yet since it’s bandaged. We are supposed to try to keep the dressing on for two weeks- until his post-surgery follow-up. I’ll post more photos after that.

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  1. Veronica

    After my second hospital birth, the most pain I was in was from that dumb Heprin lock; I feel ya, Mordecai! Glad everything went smoothly and we’re praying his recovery is quick and painless.

  2. Karen Anderson

    Wow, I had no idea. Why have I never noticed this before? So glad he’s getting this taken care of so he’ll not be in pain. Renee, you never cease to amaze me with all that you have going on in your life.

  3. Awww, poor little guy. Here’s to a speedy recovery. Love!

  4. Tonymasons

    It’s amazing how grown up he looks in these pictures. I hope he has a speedy recovering.

  5. That is what Jasmine’s left hand look like. Toes worse. Possible EEC surgery. Jasmine had pretty everything that can be done done as a toddler. It’s not usually a problem but it was when trying to pick an instrument for her to play. She ended up a drummer in beginning band this year.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Mordecai can’t hold a baseball or can in his right hand, but he can do pretty much everything else. He is missing almost all the toes on one foot, and has one teeny-tiny toe on his other foot. He has a slightly odd gait, but it has never affected his activity level.

      • Wow. Sounds a lot like Jasmine. Big toe (sideways) and double little toe on right foot and toes joined in two’s on left. She had clefts, clubfoot and some neck webbing too.

  6. Is it paregoric that they give him? That is what my son had for two of his ear surgeries, at a different hospital they just left him worried. He was older so he didnt cry, when I asked could they give him paregoric they said We do not do that anymore. I asked my mom (a nurse) about it, and she said some hosp still do. It makes them drowsy, forgetful and almost drunk-like. It used to be OTC she said, parents could buy it and give it in small doses to children who felt badly, injured or would not sleep. Parents overused it so it is no longer OTC and she said some bigger, fancy hospitals do not use it at all. It would be nice if they would, just for things like pre-surgery. I dont know what they gave Mordecai- but that could possibly be something similar. Its too bad they do not always use something. Will they do anymore for his hand? Or is this it?

  7. Aww, cuddling with Grandma while he recovers. So cute! I’m sure keeping him down is hard. Here’s to a speedy recovery and a successful post op visit.

  8. So does Mordecai use his left hand for most things? Like writing, eating, etc….

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