Ski-to-Sea Jr. {2012}

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Tilly, Taylor, Adalia, Judah, Joseph and Nolan

This is the boys third year racing and the girls second in our local Ski-to-Sea relay race. It consists of: running, three-legged race, bicycling, soccer and an obstacle course. You can see their previous teams here: 2008Β (you won’t believe how small Judah and Boaz are!) andΒ 2009.

I didn’t get a team photo of Enoch’s team. But for the sake of posterity, it included: Enoch, Erik, Kalina, Jubilee, Mordecai and Maria.

Adalia chose to leave here Hunger Games inspired eye make-up on for the race.


Judah did an incredible job in the running leg. Here he is in lap one of the 1.5 mile run…

In lap two he showed an amazing amount of endurance by sprinting the last bit. The people around me were shocked by how much strength he had left to run full speed. Check out those calf muscles (unless you’re a teenage girl who thinks he’s cute- in that case, close your eyes). Judah has been training (all on his own) to run 5k’s.

Mordecai was put in the race at the last-minute when one of Enoch’s friends hurt his leg…Poor guy. He was excited to race, but it was really out of his league. He has never run that far before and hasn’t been practicing. He wore pants (because his short mysteriously disappeared) he’s had no training and is missing several toes which gives him a rather unique gait. The biker behind him in this photo was the race official…that’s right, Mordecai was dead last in the first lap- walking much of the way toward the end. We cheered him on with all of our might and I didn’t dare move; fearing he might decided not to finish the race. Not only did he finish, but he began running and there were three or four people behind him in the second lap. That’s right, he passed several runners and ended up not coming in last!

Tilly and Taylor were passing teams right and left in the three-legged race.

Joseph biking.

I caught this hilarious sequence of Kalina and Jubilee almost falling down. I really thought they were going to bite the dust here, but they regained their balance and kept on running.

Enoch put his team together for the Ski-to-Sea Jr. this year…and I must say I was very proud of his attitude. Mordecai coming in almost last on the very first leg of the race meant Enoch was one of the last bikers to start…teams had already finished the race before Enoch started! He raced well though and I didn’t hear one word of complaint from him- though I know he was disappointed.

Adalia running the obstacle course.

I didn’t get photos of each event as I couldn’t leave my spot until I was sure that Mordecai finished his event. But fun was had by all and no one was injured. I consider that a very good day.

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  1. Do you teach your children that global climate change is not real? Just curious as I read that in one of Tilly’s posts.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Linda- wow, that’s a loaded question πŸ™‚ The short answer is, she came to that conclusion from her own reading…I believe history shows us “climate change” is cyclical. So yes, it happens, but I don’t believe in “global warming” as it is generally portrayed.

  2. Wow. You guys seem to be just a bit active lately. Not sure how you have the energy to do it all, but I can see where your kids get their energy for life. Looks like they all had fun.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      S- I am trying to maintain some sense of normality for my older children. Apollo’s health issues are taking a toll on us all and I am trying to minimize that. Trying to keep up our traditions despite our current struggles.

  3. C Smith

    Way to go Mordecai! It’s so hard for kids that age to persevere even when they know they won’t “win”. What a great attitude he had.

    • Yes! Way to Mordecai! And Way to Go Enoch (and his mama), that shows real maturity to keep going an not complaining!

      • I think that’s incredibly good and mature of Enoch. Really. Well done to you guys for raising such a good sport.

        I do think, though, that he needs the bike seat raised a couple of feet! It might be the angle but he looks like he is on a bike for a 5 year old!!

        • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

          He just outgrew his bike this winter and we are definitely getting a new one. Well, he’ll get Judah’s old one (it’s a great bike) because Judah has grown four or five inches this winter!

  4. I am in total confusion myself on climate change and global warming, and I am a complete tree-hugging, earth and animal saving nut. I mean, we are not vegetarian but we raise our own meant in a humane healthy way, and believe that if no one (including natural predators) eat prey then the prey will starve from being too high in population. That all being said, I am still unsure. I read and study but never come to complete conclusion, thus just try to care for the world around me using wisdom gained largely from an American Indian perspective.
    Looks like a fun day was had! Its great that your older kids get out and do these things, and pretty amazing that they are willing to plan all of it and still be ok with coming in at the end. Congrats to M for finishing! Congrats to all them, you have a great bunch of kids.

    • Re climate change: believe scientists who support each other. Not a few fringe people who do not publish in reputable journals. I read these comments and tried REALLY hard not to respond. So I’ll leave it at that.

      And no, I don’t think any scientist should be trusted just because they say so. But I do believe that physical phenomena can be measured and observed. And the peer review process is very rigorous. That is, if you write something no good, it won’t get published in a reputable journal. (Which these days means you will be out of a job quick smart.)

      Ok. Stop talking, Lou.

      • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

        Yup, I’m really trying to avoid controversy here too. Global climate change is not exactly in the range of my blog. Now I’ll stop talking too πŸ™‚

  5. Hooray for Mordecai! Good job – you’ve got to finish what you start! Looks like a fun day for all.

  6. First of all, I want you to know that, although I haven’t been commenting as much recently, I am still avidly reading your posts and am so grateful for the time you take to share your life with us, your readers! These days, I’m usually reading blogs while nursing my daughter, and one-handed typing is not one of my strengths – thus, the lack of commenting. But you and your family are still often in my thoughts, and I admire (that’s not a strong enough word) how you’ve taken these challenges with Apollo in stride and continued to create a warm, nurturing, creative, FUN environment for your family. Very well done!

    Second, I cannot believe how much older Mordecai looks in that picture of him running.

    Third, your comment to teen girls about Judah’s legs totally made me laugh. πŸ™‚

  7. I’m always impressed at how hard you work to keep all of your kids involved and engaged in activities even though you must be absolutely exhausted by everything going on with Apollo. You’re an amazing mother for sure!

    (And yes, it looks like Enoch is due for a new bike!)

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