Hunger Games Party {Food and Games}

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And what’s a good party with no food? We had a ton of fun brainstorming and coming up with fun Hunger Games party foods. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of several of my favorite themed foods, so you’ll have to use your imagination!

hunger games party food

We had Thresh and Rue’s Fresh Picked Fruit, Gale’s Squirrel on a Stick (meatballs), Katniss’ Goat Cheese Snacks, Peeta Bread, Pickle Spears…

hunger games party food

Cornucopia Crescent Rolls, Peeta’s Cheesy buns. We divided the food into Districts, each reflecting the food that particular district would have provided in the books.

We had Capitol Spirits (punch) and nightlock (fresh berries) as well.

hunger games party food

Finnick doesn’t come into the story until the second book, but we still had Finnick’s Sugar Cubes and Finnick’s Fish (Goldfish Crackers). I didn’t get a good photo, but on the right you see a Tracker Jacker Nest (Cheerio Treats formed into a wasp nest shape, with paper wasps  Tilly drew).

hunger games party food

Girl on Fire Cupcakes, made by Devon (the 15-year-old who did Adalia’s make-up. She’s very talented!)

hunger games party food

As everyone showed up, we put their name in the jar for the Reaping. If they were in costume, they got their name put in twice.

For decorations, we hung 16×20 posters I made from these Hunger Games photos and we made aluminum foil parachutes to hang from our dining room counter, along with several themed posters (sorry, I forg

hunger games party food

Tami and Abigail.

hunger games party food

We know how to party…just invite a friend with FIFTEEN kids over!

hunger games party food

Judah, Tilly and Enoch came up with an awesome obstacle course (training for the Hunger Games, of course!) Everyone who finished received a chocolate bar…and got their name put in for the Reaping one more time.

Here are two short video clips of (part of)  the obstacle course: the girls and the boys.

hunger games party food

The “little kids” lined up for the obstacle course.

hunger games party food

The “big girls” ready to race.

hunger games party food

Hezekiah and Isaac.

hunger games party food

Apollo was literally scared of his siblings all dressed up…who can blame him, with all of the blood and gore and Adalia’s scary get up. Poor guy.hunger games party food

Haymitch Hezekiah.hunger games party food

We also had a “training center” set up where the kids could sword fight (with swords made out of pool noodles) and archery. Everyone who participated got their name put in one more time for each game. This was a great way to encourage everyone to join in. The very last activity was the Reaping. My mom drew a  name out of each jar (one for the boys and one for the girls)….

hunger games party food

This was Devon’s reaction when her name was drawn…I love the look on Adalia’s face! She was reluctant to claim her prize (which was actually a $10 gift card, not a fight to the death) so in one totally unplanned twist of the evening…

hunger games party food

Kalina yelled out, “I volunteer as Tribute!”

So I handed her the gift card…which we of course, gave back to Devon.

Enoch won for the  boys, and that was the end of our fabulous Hunger Games Party.

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  1. Looks like they had a great time! Poor Apollo…

  2. WAY cool!
    Glad you all got to have some fun!

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  4. You all sure know how to throw a party! That looks amazing.

  5. You’ve mentioned in the past that one of your daughters likes to make things out of duct tape. This website is offering a free kindle book on making things out of duct tape.

  6. After reading your blog for a few years now and only seeing pictures of you kids it was quite a shock to see them move and talk!!

  7. I love the creativity and energy! I also like the initiative your big kids take.

  8. OK, I admit I am not a fan of The Hunger Games, though my oldest girls are, but we have so enjoyed reading the posts on your party! What a fun mom you are! It looks like the kids had a blast and is a great reminder that sometimes the day just calls for FUN! What memories we create for our kids! Good for you!

  9. Just letting you know that you have inspired me—this summer we’re having a Hobbit party. We’ll have a treasure hunt (clues in runic writing), painting hobbit feet, and an orc vs. dwarf water balloon fight. My husband wants to do fireworks (real fireworks, which make me nervous…) but we’ll see.

    For food, roasted dragon, seedy cakes, honey… can’t think of much else yet, we’ll have to see. =) It was supposed to be for the release of the film, but then I found out that the film wouldn’t be out until December… that’s too late, and not good for outdoor fun.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Sounds great! I better not tell Judah, or he’ll want one of those too!

  10. Oh my goodness, I LOVE Kalina’s twist at the end! So great. Sorry to have missed the party.

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  12. Fabulous idea! Love the “girl on fire” cupcakes and of course Peeta bread–that’s fun.

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