It’s MRI Day!

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I am blogging From a hotel room in Seattle. We made the decision to come down yesterday due to “severe weather conditions” in our area. I put that in quotations because, as a former Alaskan, it’s a bit hard to accept that a few inches of snow is severe. At any rate we made it down safely. Our hotel is so close to the hospital that we can see it from here! Apollo is very miserable right now. We woke him up at 5:30 to feed him, since that is the last time he can have solid foods until after the procedure. But being Apollo, he ate almost nothing and is now tired and miserable.

We would love your prayers today. Number one, for his safety and number two, that they would be able to find the problem and he would at last have a diagnosis. The MRI is scheduled for 12:30.

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  1. Praying now, Renee!

  2. May the surgery go smoothly, the answers be found, and the recovery be swift.

  3. I am praying for you.

  4. Praying for little Apollo and y’all as you travel back.

  5. I’m sitting looking out of a window a few miles from Children’s and am hoping for the best! Prayers coming your way. I agree with you about the “severe” weather, but be sure to watch out for all of those drivers who aren’t used to these conditions.

  6. Tara Bergeron

    praying xo we love you. xo

  7. Praying for wisdom for the doctors and nurses, a safe MRI for Apollo, and answers for all of you!

  8. Good luck today! I’ll be praying for you and an anxiously awaiting your news.

    Melissa 🙂

  9. Emily from NZ

    Praying for Apollo, the doctors and your family

  10. Praying for Apollo’s comfort during MRI…for safe travels…and most important more definitive answers to what is causing Apollo’s misery(and yours)..I pray you look back at this day as a new beginning to helping get a plan together so Apollo can start healing. In whatever way God sees this to be. Sometimes you need to exhaust all your options. You have been going strong for 18 months…hang in there Renee…things will change. I hope for the better. I always remind myself that things can never stay the same. they are forever changing..morphing if you will..

    With our oldest sons sp needs we were in “crisis” when we were trying out different treatments and none of them were working. Eventually we had to say “ok we can keep trying meds, diet,DR, books, therapies etc…. or we can live life”

    It is still what most people would consider pure heck most days..but the constant searching and trying different therapies and meds etc…and it making no difference in my opinion is alot more exhausting than the ailment or issue..

    yes I still have a 6 yr old who would be up all night if I didn’t let him in our room. At least not in out bed anymore.It is what it is….but we all get soem sleep now,,,private time not so much…

    This is not anything like what Apollo is dealing with..I am just trying to express the pure exhaustion mentally and physically I know you and your family are experiencing trying to figure out how to help your son. I pray for you daily.

  11. Been holding you all up during this time – thinking he should be done with the MRI by now. Hope the results were clear, helpful, and available immediately. Travel safely home.

  12. We have been praying for you all through the day. I hope that the MRI went well, that you all got home easily, and that you all get some good sleep tonight.

  13. Hoping all went well and you get some answers

  14. A day late but I hope all went well.

  15. I saw your facebook entry, waiting for the explanation.

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