Apollo Goes to Starbucks

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Last night Hilary and I had Grump Therapy for the first time in weeks. 

How did we *ever* survive?

(for those of you newer to the blog: Grump Therapy consists of weekly therapy sessions between friends with plenty of coffee and occasionally chocolate. Hilary and I have been meeting for Grump Therapy once a week for years. It began as "Group Therapy" but after misreading it on the calendar one week, Chuck jokingly referred to it as "Grump Therapy". The name was so fitting, we decided to keep it)

It was Apollo's first time at Grump Therapy since being born. As I sat talking to Hilary, he looked up at me gave me his first genuine smiles! His eyes lit up and his mouth opened in an ear-to-ear grin. I'm pretty sure he likes Starbucks…

Photos taken on my iphone 

Just look at the little face I got to adore in bed this morning. Who wouldn't love early morning nursings when you get to wake up to these chubby cheeks and pouty lips.

Oh my.

I think I'll keep him.

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  1. Carolynn Slocum

    I remember that cute little monkey outfit on Hezzy! It looks like Apollo fills it out! I am happy I finally got to meet him and hold him! Good Job!

  2. Well if you ever get tired of him and want to give him away I’ll take him 😉 He is such a munchkin! You are one lucky Mamma!

  3. He looks pretty scrumptious! He’s certainly gaining weight as well and looking chubby; way to go, mama!

  4. Kate Alva

    I heart Apollo!!!!!!!!

  5. What a sweetheart! Glad you got to enjoy coffee out with a friend. 🙂

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