Pinewood Derby 2010

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I wasn't at the actual derby, since I was away at the ladies retreat, but my friend Bridget was and  took these photos. Thanks, Bridget.

This the the only photo of Mordecai. I guess he was feeling a bit shy?

"I had a skeleton and fire on my car. The car was black and yellow. It raced good. My favorite part about the Pinewood Derby was racing the car."

I love the look of concentration on Enoch's face. Next to him and fellow Webelos: Peter and Jonah.

I love that Bridget captured this photo of Tilly taking pictures. Before I left I put my kit lens on Tilly's photo (she usually shoots w/ a 50 mm) and told her "Just put it in auto and don't worry about it. The lighting is terrible at that's the best you're going to be able to do". To which she responded, "How do I put my camera in auto?". My heart swelled with pride. The girl didn't even know how to shoot photos in auto!

What a handsome man I'm married to. Whose heart wouldn't melt at the sight of their husband balancing his two youngest on his knees?

Enoch's car was voted favorite of by the  Cub Scouts!

"Last year's car was better than this year. It won fifth place. But I got voted the favorite of Cub Scouts. I had fun racing."

Hezekiah built a car and was able to race in the Outlaw race (for siblings and Scouts whose cars are disqualified). He won third place!  

    "The sticker on my car was the same color as my car. The weight on top, on the red stripes made a lot more weight. Because it was longer than the ones inside the car. There was this pink one and it was racing awesome and a guy said it was the Pink Sled. I was almost all the way down but the sled caught up and then it got to the finish line right when mine did. Somebody had a Hershey Bar car but the person was in the Outlaw Race and the guy said 'Watch that Hershey Bar '." 

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  1. My children want to see the cars! Love Hezzie’s car!

  2. That’s the beauty of Auto……you don’t have to know how, it’s the only requirement 🙂

  3. What a great event. I am thankful that Bridget was able to take pictures for you. Did she get any of the cars? Hezekiah did a great job on his car. Tilly looked so intent, like a regular photographer learning from the best, her mom.

  4. Proof that Chuck does smile!

  5. avi is beautiful in the picture with chuck, your kids look great! its wonderful that you had a great wkend AND got photos! Kudos to tilly for her hard work.

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