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Mordecai (6) Hezekiah (5)

 Where do I start? My blog is first and foremost a record of our family’s life together. It is not a personal journal or a newspaper. I try to keep it real, while maintaining a certain amount of privacy for my family members (who have to put up with me recording their lives for the public). It can be a fine balance at times.
When progress is made, I want to write it down and remember it. And we have seen some real progress with Mordecai. Twice this spring we have been at outdoor events as a family, and Mordecai has been able to join in with the other children and play. That may not sound like earth-shattering news to you, but it is to our family. Twice we’ve been at events and had no “grumping”. Not once, either time, did we have to have him come sit by our side to calm him. Twice now we have been at events that last year would have had  him so over-stimulated we would have had to leave early or go off alone with him.


Mordecai has delays across the board. Most of them are invisible to the casual observer, but that doesn’t make them any less real or present in our lives. He has always struggled with over-stimulation and sensory integration. He lags behind cognitively and with motor skills, but the biggest struggle has always been behaviorally.  He struggles with impulse control and controlling his emotions. He struggles at every single Cub Scout meeting (though we are finally seeing progress there, too).



Friday night, he begged to go to the concert with me. I wasn’t sure how he would do, and I was going to be busy shooting…In the end I took him and he did just fine. He started out with his sisters, then at  one point crept next to me. I move around  quite a bit while shooting, and he did fine even  when I left.

Like I said, real progress. We are so excited to see what he surprises us with next.

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  1. I know just what a joyous relief it can be for your young one who is adversely affected by overstimulation to make it calmly through an event. This has been a huge issue for my son with microcephaly as well. I’m sure you know all the therapy techniques, sunglasses/hat/to cut down stimulation, giving him an “out” if if it’s an electronic device w/ ear phones…all those things others look down on in an indoor event, but may mean dealing with it for our wee ones.
    Rejoicing with you in t his step!

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