Canon 50mm 1.8

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I was a second shooter at a confirmation last night, but since my lens is being repaired again (I won’t rant…I won’t rant…I won’t rant….*deep breath*,  okay) I borrowed a 50 mm 1.8 from friend for the shoot.

I decided I had better work with the lens a little to get the feel of it before I took it to the confirmation, so out to the carport I headed.



f 2.2, ISO 100, ss 200

And this is the shot I got of my nine year old son, Enoch. Not bad…especially since it only cost me an apple (as in: mom, can I have an apple? Sure…if you let me take a few pictures).

IMG_3917_3183 blog

And I got some great smiling shots too.

I’ve always loved photography. A few years ago I set a goal for myself to try to get photos “as good as Sears and The Picture People”. Well, for my part, I feel like I’ve accomplished that, athough I’m constantly working on improving my photography and learning new skills.

I feel so blessed to have all the photos of my children as they grow up.

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