Hezekiah and Anakin {Doll-Making}

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Hezekiah and Anakin

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Judah finally, finally finished the doll he was making. He did great working on the head and sewing and stuffing the body, but got frustrated with attaching the arms and  head. I got sick of trying to get the doll hair to stay on right, and broke down and ordered premade hair. It ended up being just a little crocheted hat out of mohair. I can easily do this in the future (with knitting instead of crocheting).
Judah promptly gave the completed doll to  Hezekiah who fell in love with him and named him Anakin.  I then had to make poor Anakin some clothes. I used some cool space material I have but accidentally made them for a 12 inch doll instead of 16, so Anakin’s outgrown his outfit already!
Hezekiah and Anakin are adorable together. They have the same sandy blonde hair and brown eyes. Anakin accompanied us to the zoo and sleeps with Hezzy every night. I imagine these two will have many adventures together in the future.
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