Grocery Shopping for the Large Family

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This is why I can’t take my children shopping with me. I have to fold up the seat in my Jeep to fit in all the groceries. That leaves one open seat for someone to push the second cart (or flat bed). The bulk of my shopping is done at a local restaurant  supply store. It has no frills. Just a big warehouse stocked with restaurant sized everything (including pots and pans!)

Everything is placed strategically in the back.  What you can’t see is: 50 pounds of flour, 25 pounds oatmeal, 25 pounds of sugar, 25 pounds of brown sugar and 50 pounds of rice, 10 pounds of macaroni 10 pounds of bow tie pasta. You also can’t see the # 10 cans of tomato sauce.

The woman at the checkout said, “Oh, I see you’re going to do a bunch of cooking”.

I just smiled and I agreed. I figured it was true enough. I always do a bunch of cooking, but it was obvious she  thought I was preparing for a batch cook.

 Not so, just restocking my pantry.

Then she said, “Do you find it’s actually easier to cook like this than to just cook for two?”

After a moment of reflection, I realized I didn’t know how to cook for two. When Chuck and I got married, I didn’t know how to cook anything. I had never cooked a dinner before in my life. My year between leaving home and marrying Chuck, I lived on salad, yogurt and nuts. No need to cook those.

When we were first married, we ate chicken patties, refried beans, rice, veggies,eggs,  that sort of thing. All simple enough (and cheap enough for just two). It was the rapid addition of all those little eaters that spurred me on to learn to cook. I wasn’t going to put unhealthy  food (i.e. jarred baby food, sugar, dye and preservatives) into their healthy untainted bodies. And honestly, finances have always been tight in our house, so I also needed to learn to cook as economically as possible. With the exception of organic foods, healthy foods are actually cheaper (think whole grains and beans bought in bulk).

I also stopped at our local grocery store and bought $50 worth of meat on sale…and saved $45!

I spent a total of $400, which will last our family a couple of weeks. An average family of four or five could easily eat for more than a month on these (with the exception of fresh produce and milk).

Ah yes, just another day of shopping…

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  1. I have one question. Why do you consider jarred baby food unhealthy? I to try VERY hard to feed my family nutritious foods. I do feed Josiah jarred baby food and have never heard anything negative about them. I do avoid the applesauce, blueberry, and strawberry since I’m not buying organic. Please enlighten me.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Nicole, 16 years ago when Adalia was a baby (which is what I was referring to there) almost 100% of jarred baby food had sugar, flavorings and dye added. That has changed. Now there is plenty of healthy, jarred baby food.

  2. shelly morrison

    we are a family or 14. where do you get 25 pounds of brown sugar im jealous lol

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thanks for sharing! We buy it at a restaurant supply store.

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