Ski-to-Sea Jr. {2009}

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Last weekend we had seven children on five different teams for the Ski to Sea Jr. race. I ran my own  race, back and forth, trying to get photos of each of my children in their events.

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Enoch’s team was made up of boys from his Cubscout Bear den.

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Enoch and Aaron ran the three-legged race. These two only had the chance to get together and practice once before the race, yet ran together in perfect stride!

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Keziah, Adalia and Tilly were on the “Girls on Fire” team. They were able to meet together to practice several times, and even made team shirts.

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Keziah and Adalia ran the three-legged race together. They were incredible. At one point they tripped and lost the cloth tying them together, they stopped, strapped it back on, and went on their way. Keziah looks like she’s having fun, doesn’t she?

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and Judah each did the running leg. As I watched Judah zip by for the second lap, huge grin on his face (as many others were bright red, huffing, puffing, or even walking) I couldn’t help but think this  boy was made for running. I have no idea where than gene would have come from. Chuck and I both believe that any type of running is akin to torture…

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Ezra and Boaz were on “The Nameless Team” which was made up of Boy Scouts from their troop. These guys did amazing, coming in fourth from out, oh, about a zillion teams. As you can see, Ezra biked and Boaz did the the soccer leg.

After the race, we headed home and had a barbecue with friends for Ezra’s seventeenth birthday. It’s hard to believe seventeen years have passed…seems like only a year or two ago I was looking at his face for the very first time…

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