Woodland Park Zoo {2009}

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Wow, that’s a lot of people!  How is it I never notice what a large group we are until I see a photo? Somehow it doesn’t seem like so many in real life…

Our reception at the zoo was so much nicer than our one at the Seattle Aquarium last year. This woman didn’t feel the need to make up new policies while we stood there, but to just say, “Wow! Thirteen kids? And you’re so young”. She then went on enthusiastically about  how much money we saved by buying a  membership.

This trip was entirely spontaneous. We didn’t decide to go until 9 o’clock in the morning (when we should have been starting school *gasp*). This meant (among all the other tasked on going on a day trip for our family)  throwing together (?!) a lunch for 15 people.

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Tucker gets up close and person with the monkey. It was hard to tell who was more interested in who. Tucker stood there, thumb in mouth, not moving, for a good ten minutes while Kalina sketched the monkey in her sketch book.

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This guy was my personal favorite.


Judah, Adalia and Tilly sketch the Komodo dragon.

Glad to be back, but I’m off to do my school planning. Have a great weekend.

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