Ruby Tuesday

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Or, The Story of How it All Played Out.


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I don’t have a picture of Ruby handy, so you’ll have to settle for a picture of Kalina, Ruby’s babysitter.


So yesterday sounded a bit hectic, right? For the sake of posterity, I need to record the  events as they actually happened.

My mom  arrived shortly after nine, to watch the six children remaining home.


I dropped Tilly and Hezekiah off at Tami’s house so Carolynn could pick them up and take them to the Museum of  Flight in Seattle.


Carolynn drove to Tami’s to pick up Tilly and Hezekiah and drop off Ruby.


I dropped the four older boys off at Bridget’s to play with her boys.


I took Mordecai to his appointment.


After the appointment I drove to Tami’s to pick up Ruby, to watch for the day. I offered to take Tami’s son, Everett,  home with me too, to play with Mordecai. Tami suggested leaving Mordecai there so he could play. So I did.


I drove to Hilary’s to pick up Sam, Hallie, and R (foster baby) to watch while Hilary had an appointment.


It wasn’t until I was driving home that it occured to me I had four children in my van and none of them were mine.


I arrive home, mom leaves, and Kristine arrives with Adalia’s friend Alyssa. I suggest to Kristine that she leave six year old Mia to play too. After some hesitation (not wanting to burden me further) she leaves her.


Tami arrives with Mordecai and her two children Everett and Isobel.


Hilary finishes her appointment and drives to Bridget’s house to pick up my four older boys and bring them home.


Tami takes her children home.


Hilary takes her children home.


Chuck takes the three older boys to Boy Scouts.


I drive load up my ten children (plus Ruby) and drive to meet Carolynn.  We exchange Ruby for Tilly and Hezekiah.


I put  the children to bed and crash.


Did anyone follow that? Because I needed a flow chart yesterday to keep track of who was where with whom. Tami said when her husband asked who was coming over and why, she almost needed to get the legos to reenact it for him.


And that, my friends, is why I try to stay home as much as possible.
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