Shooting Wide Open

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I’ve received many comments and questions about my lens since I mentioned having it back. It’s a 50 mm 1.4. As soon as I had it back in my possession, I had to play around  and get to know it again.


The great thing about this lens is the narrow depth of field you can achieve with it.  Here I was practicing shooting wide open, at 1.4. You don’t normally take portraits at that aperture, but I wanted to make sure I could nail the focus if  I did.  It’ s not uncommon when shooting  wide open to have the focus fall slightly under, above or to the side of where you want it to fall. When this happens you’ll find (for instance) the hair is tack sharp, but the eyes a little soft. Enoch knew I was practicing and grabbed these wedgits to assist me.


Okay, I’m off to prepare for another crazy busy day. I need to drop Tilly and Hezekiah off at a friend’s house (they’ll be  going to the Museum of Flight today), drop the four big boys off at their friends’ house, take Mordecai to an appointment at the Children’s Neurodevelopmental Center. When that  appointment is over I will be picking up four children, from two locations, to bring home and watch for a few hours. Oh, and the boys have Boy Scouts tonight. Yes, it’s one of those days that makes me tired just thinking about it…


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